Welcome to the help page for lernOS Convention 2023. Our goal is to organize the best possible hybrid event on knowledge management and learning organizations, where participation is on-site and remote is on par. Here you will find all the information and assistance you need to successfully participate in the program. There is an extra blog post for non-german speakers.

If you have missed the loscon23 pre web conference, the recording (in German but you can activate english subtitles) is on YouTube.

Information for ALL participants

  • BEGINNING: The loscon23 will start on 11.07. at 13:00. On-site participants can arrive at the Kaiserburg Nuremberg (Epplein hall, side entrance left of the youth hostel) from 11:00 am. For the entrance you need your loscon ticket, which you received by email (subject: "loscon23 your order"). Click on "Show order details" at the bottom of the email to view the ticket as a PDF or save it in your smartphone wallet (save paper, don't print it :-)
  • CHAT: For the chat we will use Discord as platform this year, you will receive an invitation link via email for it when you register.
  • ** PARTICIPANTS LIST:** in the Discord channel #lobby all participants:inside are listed and searchable. A green circle indicates if the person is currently online. In the channel #program a list of participants (PDF) is linked.
  • SECOND SCREEN: two screens are better than one! On-site participants should bring their own device. We recommend a laptop, but at least one tablet.
  • VIDEO CONFERENCE TOOL: all program items including sessions will take place in Microsoft Teams this year. Dial-in links will be posted in the calendar invite and on Discord on 10/07.
  • AUDIO-CHAT: For informal, hybrid exchange you can start audio chats in Discord. For this you should use a headset for good sound quality (in the simplest case a cable headset, like the Earpods from Apple, they are available very cheaply with Lightning and jack connectors).
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: If you share links, info, impressions or pictures on social media before and during the event, please use the hashtag #loscon23 (e.g. on LinkedIn or on Mastodon).
  • PREVIEW: For those who are already in Nuremberg on 7/10, we will meet at the Cloud One Bar at the Motel One at the main station (approx. 18:30-19:00, details can be found in the #lobby channel).
  • CORONA: we don't have explicit corona rules anymore this year. Take care of each other anyway - Be excellent to each other. Those who wish are of course welcome to wear a mask in the premises.

Information for Session Owners

  • Session owners and assembly hosts on site must bring their own end device (e.g. laptop) and dial into the video conference WITHOUT AUDIO in the room. A "Room Buddy" (room attendant:in) is available for questions and problems.
  • HYBRID MEETING KIT: There are PCs in the on-site rooms that are permanently dialed into the room's video conference. Connected to the PCs are Hybrid Meeting Kits with webcam, speakerphone, and two wireless microphones (either clip-on, handheld, or in a foam cube for throwing).
  • DOCUMENTATION: for the documentation of all sessions and program points there is an area in the loscon whiteboard. You can find the link to the whiteboard in the #program channel on Discord. If you use other tools for documentation, just place a link in the whiteboard next to your session/assembly.
  • Record: All sessions will be recorded and afterwards published on YouTube as documentation. If you do not want this, you can indicate this in the Call for Participation (opt-out).

Info and chat in Discord

  • All information about the program and dial-in data can be found in Discord (channel #program). You have received the invitation link with your registration via email, it is also in the sent calendar entry.
  • You can use Discord via desktop application, web and mobile app (iOS, Android). For flexible participation in the audio chat on site in Nuremberg, we recommend a smartphone with headset (e.g. Earpods and iPhone).
  • In Discord, there are text and voice chat channels structured in different categories. By click or touch on a channel you get into the channel.
  • You can change the settings for the microphone, headphones and camera under "Voice and video chat" in the Discord settings (cogwheel icon).
  • Sometimes firewalls or VPN networks interfere with audio/video communication. In case of problems, use a different configuration/end device accordingly.

Crafting in Minetest

  • MOTTO: fitting to the motto of loscon23 "Crafting Learning Environments" there will be again a Minetest server (open source alternative to Minecraft) where you can build digitally.
  • SERVER: you can find the dial-in data to the server on Discord in the channel #crafters-lounge. On the COPEDIA page Minetest you can inform yourself in advance and install the free game. Interesting for online participants: here you can involve kids and young at heart ;-)

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

**When do I have to be where for the start of loscon23?
On-site participation: at the latest shortly before 13:00 in the Eppeleinsaal. Online participation: shortly before 1:00 p.m. at the latest in the teams conference "loscon23 Raum Eppeleinsaal".

F: I don't speak German, where can I find the English simultaneous translation?
In the channel #translation on Discord.

F: Is there also a translation in the sessions/assemblies?
Yes, but only a machine translation. We use Teams Premium. You can enable translation there and you have to select spoken language and target language for it.

**Q: How do I get on the loscon23 Discord server?
We will send a Discord invitation link on 26.06. to all registered participants. Whoever registers after that will receive the invitation link with the automatically sent confirmation mail after the invitation.

**Q: Where can I find the dial-in links for Microsoft Teams?
In Discord in the channel #Program and in the calendar entry "lernOS Convention 2023".

**Q: Can I also integrate the program of loscon23 into my calendar?
A: Yes, in the top right corner of the program next to the version number you will find an iCal export link.


For all further questions and problems come to the infodesk on site (in the lobby) at the event or use the channel #infodesk in Discord.